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Are you sick and tired of sitting in a cold car while you wait for your engine to heat up? If you drive an automatic, fuel-injection engine, start your vehicle remotely with an Autostart remote starter system installed by Thru-Way Autoglass.


With an Autostart system, you can start your car from the cozy comfort of your home or office before heading outside. For information about installing Autostart, contact us today!

Start Your Car Remotely

  • Push-button convenience

  • Regardless of cold winter weather

  • Reliable

  • Worry-free

  • Preset temperature control

Run engine at preselected intervals

Don’t lose sleep wondering if your car will start in the morning. With Autostart, you can program your vehicle to run at selected times during the day and night to keep the oil circulating, protect the engine, and ensure it starts regardless of the weather.

Benefits of Autostart

Shuttle service and direct insurance billing available!


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